2019-06-12 S0051
AI & Chatting - Blogging: random forest intro post draft

2019-06-10 S0050
Mentorship Monday - How to study

2019-06-06 S0049
AI & Chatting - Blogging: random forest series notes

2019-06-04 S0048
AI & Chatting - Decision trees: prepping for production

2019-06-04 S0047
AI & Chatting - Decision trees: compiled trees

2019-06-04 S0046
AI & Chatting - Decision trees how low can you go?

2019-05-24 S0045
AI & Chatting - Decision Trees performance improvements

2019-05-23 S0044
AI & Chatting - XGBoost code

2019-05-22 S0043
AI & Chatting - Decision Trees code

2019-05-20 S0042
Mentorship Monday! cover letters and psuedopolynomial

2019-05-15 S0041
Updating Stream Theme - making a list of what needs to be done

2019-05-13 S0040
Mentorship Monday!

2019-05-10 S0039
js13k competition practice, part 12 of 12: finishing the build pipeline and compressing the audio

2019-05-09 S0038
js13k competition practice, part 11 of 12: constructing the world and camera control

2019-05-08 S0037
js13k competition practice, part 10 of 12: building a world designer

2019-05-01 S0036
js13k competition practice, part 9 of 12: lighting up the world

2019-04-26 S0035
js13k competition practice, part 8 of 12: finishing up the game mechanics

2019-04-25 S0034
js13k competition practice, part 7 of 12: playability improvements

2019-04-24 S0033
js13k competition practice, part 6 of 12: a bit of a day off

2019-04-18 S0032
js13k competition practice, part 5 of 12: adding some emoji graphics, a menu screen and a dialog interface

2019-04-16 S0031
js13k competition practice, part 4 of 12: adding sound effects to interactions

2019-04-12 S0030
js13k competition practice, part 3 of 12: item interactions, inventory and a win condition

2019-04-11 S0029
js13k competition practice, part 2 of 12: a movable player character

2019-04-10 S0028
js13k competition practice, part 1 of 12: research and building a grid world

2019-03-15 S0027
Building a slack bot, part 5: almost there, just a few more bugs

2019-03-14 S0026
Building a slack bot, part 4: I slept on it, got my head right, let's give it another go

2019-03-13 S0025
Building a slack bot, part 3: this is much harder than expected

2019-03-08 S0023
Building a slack bot, part 2: we learn better together

2019-03-07 S0022
Building a slack bot, part 1: I know nothing about this

2019-03-07 S0022
Building a slack bot, part 1.5: I still know nothing about this

2019-03-05 S0020
Graph reduction: intersections only road map

2019-02-27 S0019
Using landmark search in the map demo and shrink reducing the map size

2019-02-22 S0017
Quick performance wins for the map demo

2019-02-20 S0016
A little documentation goes a long way

2019-02-15 S0015
Implementing a demo front end for the finding directions problem

2019-02-14 S0014
Building a roadways graph from OpenStreetMap data

2019-02-13 S0013
Mostly chatting about pattern databases

2019-02-08 S0012
Implementing the finding directions problem

2019-02-07 S0011
Abstracting away the problem

2019-02-06 S0010
Dealing with really subtle problems and math

2019-02-01 S0009
N-Puzzle: Ramping up the problem size

2019-01-31 S0008
Implementing an OpenSet for AI search algorithms

2019-01-30 S0007
AI and chatting

2019-01-25 S0006
8 Puzzle Perf Tooling

2019-01-24 S0005
Search Problems: A*

2019-01-23 S0004
Stack Overflow Dev Survey 2019 + more

2019-01-18 S0003
Cleaning up my Stack Overflow comment history

2019-01-17 S0002
Fast Matrix Multiplication Attempt #1

2019-01-17 S0001
I'm starting a new book on software performance

2018-03-23 Full Mock Technical Interview

2018-03-16 Teleprompter for Google Hangouts