The correct response to shitty technical arguments

2013-08-12 Nick Larsen

Ohh, why should we do it that way?

You know what, our project isn't written in node. I don't give a shit how they do in rails. It's wonderful that github and twitter do it like that. Please explain to me how dhh has anything to do with this situation. And sometimes Joel is wrong. What Scott Hanselman says is great but he was solving a totally different problem. So you'd do this serially if this were javascript huh? Awesome. Microsoft best practice? Hysterical laughter.

The next time you are about to argue what some authority would do, make the case the authority would make by arguing their points instead of their name. You'll save everyone a lot of time, it might show that you know when and why it should be done that way and you might just sound like you can think for yourself.

I'd love to hear your best responses to these shitty arguments. Tweet them with the hash tag #ShittyArgument.