UNSTUCK: The book about always having something to try next

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Hello and welcome!

If you're not sure what this is, this is the landing page for my new book which is currently using the working title "UNSTUCK". The primary goals for this book are to give you a framework for understanding problems and how to use that framework to help you get unstuck when things get difficult. This book will be short enough to read in a weekend, maybe 10 or 12 chapters, maybe 10-15 pages each. I'm a visual learner so you should expect plenty of visuals for each topic and very little code except where absolutely necessary.

You will not read this book and immediately be an expert developer; only practice will do that. But... after reading this book, you should have the tools to study and practice your craft much more effectively. That's what this book is about, and if that's not enough, you can always reach out to me for mentorship anytime; if I can't help you out, I'll do my best to get you in touch with someone who can.

So what do I need from you right now?

Great question! I've started and stopped this book twice before, and since I want the third time to be the charm, I want you to hold me accountable for actually delivering the chapters. I promise to complete one chapter per calendar month in 2020 until this thing is done. I will post the chapters for free through this site and I will provide a Github repo with the content for your feedback! So this book doesn't end up sucking.

Please sign up for email alerts when content is released and please come give me some feedback once you've had the chance to read some. I won't email more than once a week and there's no hard feelings if you skip an update or unsubscribe.