Fast Matrix Multiplication Attempt #1

2019-01-17 Nick Larsen

Today I took a stab at showing how writing some processor cache aware code can vastly improve the speed of matrix multiplication in .NET, only it didn't. I'm still not sure why but watch the utter surprise on my face as it happens live!

I plan to revisit this in the future, but for the time being check out this paper where I learned most of what I know on this topic. Perhaps some of those ideas are outdated? We'll find out as we explore this futher in the future, but for now we'll move on to other topics.

One big thing I noticed today is that the stream got a lot more interesting when it switched from "me trying to teach stuff" to "me trying to learn stuff" so I think starting next week I'm going to change the way I frame these sessions into me learning something new every day.