A little documentation goes a long way

2019-02-20 Nick Larsen

Today we started by paying down a little of the "works on my machine"-only debt by adding a script to pull in the map data from open street map and removing the hardcoded paths in the project so that they are now relative paths. You can see the simple documentation for getting the demo up and running on the readme.md in the root of the repo.

It's important to add little bits like this so that other people can make use of your work and it's also a great idea to include a little graphic of the thing working, either a short video, a gif or just a static image. Not everyone is going to download your project and get it running just to see what it's like and making it as easy as possible to get a glimpse is a great way to build excitement for your project or convince a would-be new employer that your project has merit.