js13k competition practice, part 6 of 12: a bit of a day off

2019-04-24 Nick Larsen

Today was a bit of an off day. A good day none the less however.

Minutes before the stream I was notified that the research project I was a part of had been accepted to the Learning @Scale 2019 conference and needless to say I was really excited. In a few months I will officially be able to say "I'm published" in the classical sense. I spend about 15 minutes at the beginning of the stream describing the work we did and highlighting my contributions to that work. I think it's pretty fascinating and if you have plans of going back to college, or having kids who might be on their way to college, you might want to give it a once over.

A few minutes before I got that email, a got a pack in the mail! A few weeks prior I had won a pack of the Heroines of JavaScript trading cards in a raffle on roberttables stream. I love trading cards, and I read through each and every one of them and noted a few stories along the way.

After about an hour we finally got to the js13k project and I focused almost entirely on trying to get some CSS cleaned up and working.