js13k competition practice, part 8 of 12: finishing up the game mechanics

2019-04-26 Nick Larsen

The path was set, we need to wrap up the game mechanics so we can work on polish and getting this all to fit in 13 kb.

Today we wrapped up a ton of small stuff like:

  • collecting items from containers such as filing cabinets
  • locked doors
  • the actual system that you need to restart as the primary objective
  • making things disappear from your inventory once used
  • and a few others.

The big thing I was hoping to accomplish was to get the idea of a desk implemented, but that turned out to be much more difficult than original expected. We could not find any suitable emojis for a desk, implementing it in CSS was going to require a fair amount of work and new popup interface. After fumbling around in dead end after dead end for almost an hour, we bailed. If we have any hope of completing this project on the timeline we originally set forth, this is going to have to be dropped on the floor. And so that's what we did.