Mentorship Monday! cover letters and psuedopolynomial

2019-05-20 Nick Larsen

Welcome to Mentorship Monday! This is my new spot for answering your questions about what it's like to be a professional developer. I'm happy to help you with whatever it is you are having trouble with, from technical to organizational, to personal, just tweet me a question and I'll be happy to add your question to the list for the next episode! Reach me at fody on twitter.

This week we covered 2 questions I get asked a ton:

  • What does a good cover letter look like?
  • I don't get algorithmic complexity, what am I missing?

My answer to the cover letter stuff is pretty cut and dry at this point because I have written the best way to write a cover letter a few years back (The Developer Cover Letter) and nothing has really changed since then.

For the algorithmic complexity question I noted that if you think the input size is how many elements there are in some data structure, then you probably have it all wrong, and the correct way to think about it is the number of bits in the input. The explanation goes on to show that all known solutions to the Fibonnaci number problem are actually exponential time solutions and not linear!