AI & Chatting - Decision trees: prepping for production

2019-06-04 Nick Larsen

Right after the stream yesterday I finished up the code to generate the compiled trees and wowee are they fast. 10,000 job/user combinations in ~25 ms. That's finally within our requirements! Now it's time to clean this up a bit in preparation for production.

Things we take a look at:

  • eliminating essentially all allocations
  • reducing memory churn as much as possible
  • making a test that more closely mimics production use
  • cleaning up the code for readability

I would also like to give a huge thanks to @csharpfritz for the amazing 70+ person raid! This helped me blow through a few achievements and gave me a good audience to recap the last 2 weeks of work on this project. Also another huge shout out to everyone who participating in the bit war, especially @theMichaelJolley and @cpayette! Thanks everyone!