AI & Chatting - Blogging: random forest intro post draft

2019-06-12 Nick Larsen

For the first few minutes of this episode we wrapped up our notes from last time, then we moved straight into working on the introduction post.

Recently I've been listing to the book Story Worthy on Audible. It's all about how to tell stories that are engaging and meaningful and now I'm trying to apply some of those concepts to my writing. As you watch me write these following blog posts, try to notice when I use the topics from this book and catch me on stream to help write better stories!

In this video I get a lot of help from Hugo Dahl on how to organize my thoughts and create visuals that aid the story. I got so much help I happily added him as an author and I'm glad he was happy to oblige.

In this blog post we cover the initial attempt, which is some pretty typical and expressive code for this particular problem. We do some initial benchmarking and notice it's pretty damn slow, so we set up some requirements we must adhere to in order to get this solution to a production state.

EDIT: the blog post is live!